I help people explore the larger picture to find out what can actually make us safe.

I also grow plants and run West County Labs.

Recent Thoughts

A Short Introduction to Holistic Security

I want to simply share what the concept of holistic security is and how it is important in not just human rights work, but across many industries.

Getting Back to Dry Land

Note: This post talks about my struggle with chronic depression and suicide. For some of you, this might not be best time to read this, so remember to take care of yourself first.

“You and I are both Green Berets, but I want to know.”

Most people will miss this deep cut from General Milley’s statement about Critical Race Theory and military wokeness.

Analyzing the challenges of public defense in a surveillance state

The Public Defense Project: An award-winning collaboration with UC Berkeley

Allen Died Last Week Too

A veteran of World War II, he’d tell you to make the most of 2021.

Why ¨Terrorists¨ Did Not Assault the Capitol Today

Americans must be careful when choosing how they seek justice given the disparities of the justice system they would use.

“Music to Fight the Alphabet Bois to”

Does Spotify have a Boogaloo problem?

Introducing the Citizen Clinic Cybersecurity Education Center

Citizen Clinic learns so much about the challenges of securing politically targeted civil society groups that we want to have a single place to share our activities, outputs, and lessons learned.

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